3 ways through which you can attract more travelers to your tour business

3 ways through which you can attract more travelers to your tour business

1. Optimize Your Website

A website is like the storefront of your digital presence. Would you walk into a store that’s littered with garbage in front of it? Obviously no! The same goes for a website, it’s the place on which customers will form their first impressions about your travel agency.

Here are some ways in which you can optimize your website

It’s necessary that users find the homepage simple and intuitive as a homepage is where users generally land first. You will only have a few seconds of attention before the shun your website forever.

The biggest mistake most travel agencies make is that they draw too much inspiration from e-commerce sites. Unlike e-commerce sites, where users mostly find items right on the homepage or through a single search, travel sites require users to search multiple times using various filters for the destination, price, date, etc to their preferred deal.

The user will find it easier to search if they are given the provision to choose their preferred destination, dates, price range and other specific filters on the home page itself. A clutter-free easy to navigate website is the best asset you have to bring in more and more customers to your travel business. By optimizing the website the chance of conversions become higher.

It’s necessary that every travel website offers a user-friendly mobile experience as mobile platform accounts for 37% of all digital transactions in the travel industry.

Using the right text, size and color for your CTA button are essential in nudging website visitors forward into your conversion funnel.

Finally, when the visitor has chosen a trip, the last step is filling up their information on the booking form. It is important to use intelligent forms that enable you to collect, validate, and process information efficiently from the customer. It is also important to put as few form-fields as possible as the sole reason form fields exist is to reduce the amount of entry a customer would have to enter. Also, make sure to test different form layouts to find the optimal layout.

2. Increase Your Social Media Presence

No company irrespective of what field you’re into, can thrive and become successful without having a strong social media presence in today’s market.
By strategic utilization of social media ads and remarketing tools, you can get your travel agency in front of potential customers from all around the world.
Use images, videos, questions, statuses and hashtags to spark conversation and create a community where potential clients will want to follow you. Listening to their comments and receiving feedback helps you create better trips and packages. By constantly monitoring your social media accounts you can be more responsive than ever in providing customer care that goes beyond the call of duty.

Positive feedback can be used as testimonials to show your potential customers the satisfaction you deliver to your clientele. By providing authentic responses to negative feedback and complaints, you show customers and the community you’ve built that you truly care about their opinions and comments.

3. Email Marketing

One of the best tried and proven method of getting you out into the audience in the travel industry is email marketing. According to MailChimp, travel email marketing has a 20.69% open rate. The email method not only brings in new customers it also helps you get repeat business from existing customers.

Build a mailing list by urging visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. You can also collect emails by offering an incentive for signing up, like a coupon. You can ask people to sign up when they make inquiries or reservations.

The next step is to set up an email service provider as choosing the right email marketing service will have a significant impact on your email campaign.

The next step is choosing the right content for your first email. You can’t just send some useless material to the customer and expect a return on it. Some of the ideas that you could include in your travel marketing emails are Destination guides, travel tips, and essential information and recommended destinations or trips. Also since you’ll have your customers’ date of birth as part of the reservation process you can send yearly birthday wishes into your email marketing plan, to make each customer feel truly special.

Once you’ve finalized the email that you want to send, figure out how often you will email your subscribers and at what day and time. Its been shown that one email a week to a client gets the highest opening and click-through rates.

Learn how you can retain existing customers of your tour agency.

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