How Travel Agencies Can Build Complex Itineraries in Minutes!

How Travel Agencies Can Build Complex Itineraries in Minutes!

Imagine that a customer wants you to create a multi-destination itinerary wherein for each destination you have to book hotels, transfers, and flights according to your customer’s budget and preference.

What would you normally do? You browse various sites for multiple hotels and flights. Then you compare the rates to find the most suitable and budget-friendly options for your customers, making a list of all of them either physically or digitally by copying and pasting the details onto an excel sheet. Then mail it to your customer.

Create complex itineraries in just 15 minutes!

You then call the customer to discuss the itinerary you had prepared so that you can create a quotation based on it. But what if the customer doesn’t like the options? You have to repeat the whole process once again from scratch!

Suppose a customer asks you to create an itinerary for a multi-destination trip; say Thailand to Malasia to Singapore. It would be too time-consuming to search for hotels, flights, and transfers for all these locations on different websites and then entering their fares into Excel. Finally, you have to shortlist the most suitable options and ultimately sharing these with the customer.

This process can take anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days, which means that your customers will have to wait for a relatively long time to get the quotation. In order to speed up this process, you will have to hire more staff, which evidently will add to your overhead cost.

What most agencies do as an alternative is that they postpone creating the itinerary until the client has finally decided to book a trip because there is a high probability that there will be multiple changes made to the initial plan before the customer finalizes to book a trip. This is the biggest mistake a travel agency can make as an itinerary helps the traveler visualize their trip.

Things would be so much more convenient if there was a tool that would allow you to search for hotels and flights on a single platform. At a click of a button, you can add the most suitable options for the trip and it automatically becomes a part of your itinerary. 

WebCRS Itinerary builder helps you to create itineraries in just 15 minutes!

Imagine you have created an itinerary for a European trip, you have included everything from flights to hotels but what if you wish to reuse it later? There are chances that when you will sell it later, the room and flight rates would have obviously changed. But with WebCRS Travel, you can create an itinerary and save it in the system so when you will sell the itinerary later, with the click of a button the system would update the prices of the items in the trip along with the availability and you will be able to sell the package with the latest updated fares.

What id you require to sell the same itinerary frequently owing to the popularity of the destination or perhaps it’s a frequently visited destination for business organizations. Imagine the counterproductive work of creating the same itinerary over and over again?

Save yourself from such hassles by using this feature of WebCRS Travel which will allow you to save an itinerary so that you can reuse it later with modifications if required. It is majorly useful for destinations that are frequently visited by travelers.

With the feature that enables you to search and aggregate flights and hotels from a single platform, the process becomes a lot easier and can be done in a few clicks. By Utilizing WebCRS Travel your productivity drastically improves and enables you to serve more customers in less time.

WebCRS Travel is the best investment you can make for your travel agency. It will help immensely in reducing your costs and improve your services. With customer’s requirements served efficiently you are likely to build a loyal customer base for your business and customers feel obliged and happy to advocate your brand to their friends and family, thus your business rises to success and permanence.

Get a demo to know more about how you can create complex itineraries for your tour agencies in just 15 minutes.

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