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Every single travel agent knows the pain of crafting a custom itinerary within hours of receiving an enquiry. You have to create custom tour itineraries with all the trip details and then revise the itineraries multiple times as and when you get new updates from customers, till they’re satisfied. Sometimes the customer might ask for multiple itineraries with different classifications of hotels, various activities, room options, etc. In the worst case, they might even say, “I think the first option you showed us was perfect.” So how can you optimise the time spent on itinerary generation while still being able to provide custom itineraries to clients instantaneously?

Well-laid travel itineraries are an integral component of any successful trip, but to build a complex yet seamless itinerary, requires more than just experience or skills; it requires an essential tool that can accommodate both the complexities of the trip as well as the requirements of the clients. WebCRS Travel’s powerful itinerary builder will help you to give form to the trip that you have planned out attractively to your customer. Our itinerary builder will allow you to create custom tour itineraries with all the trip details in minutes. 

You can deal with different suppliers to create a customized package for the guest in case of a custom package. There may be many suppliers dealing in Flights, Hotels, Visa and other services. The agents coordinate with all of them, to generate a fully custom itinerary for the guest. You can create an itinerary of any kind of package for eg: In case of a fully outsourced package where you no longer have to get in touch with different suppliers to create a package for the guests. You can simply outsource it to anyone supplier, who will have the responsibility to contact different service providers in creating a package for the guests of the agent.

In the case of a predefined stitched package, you create a set of packages comprising different services of suppliers. The guests can choose the best offer, from the predefined stitched package suiting their needs and budget.

You can fully outsource the package required to any one supplier in case of predefined fully outsourced package. They select the best offer from a set of predefined packages created by the supplier, to quote the guest.

You can also duplicate existing itineraries and customise them for reuse without any costing errors to minimise the time taken on itinerary generation. If you’re building an itinerary for a group, you can create customised group tour itineraries with multiple departure dates. You can also use the copy tool to create multiple itinerary options. Our itinerary builder will also allow you to revise itineraries as and when you get new updates from customers till they fix on a final itinerary plan.

What’s the next step after you finish an itinerary? You obviously have to send it to your customers. Well, not many of the younger generation travellers are actively using email these days, and even those who do, have their inboxes flooded with an endless stream of promotional emails. Nobody wants to scroll through their laptop while on a trip to look at the itinerary every single time. Whatsapp, now that’s handy and convenient, with WebCRS Travel you can send attractive itineraries instantly to clients via email, SMS and WhatsApp in PDF or Word file. So they can keep their itineraries on the go.

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