6 Best Practices to Retain Existing Customers of Your Tour Agencies

6 Best Practices to Retain Existing Customers of Your Tour Agencies

An average business loses around 20 percent of its customers annually simply by failing to attend to customer relationships. In some industries like tourism, this leakage is as high as 80 percent. Here are the best 6 practices to retain existing customers of your tour agencies.

1. Listen to complaints

96 percent of dissatisfied customers don’t complain. Most customers would just walk away, and you’ll never know why. This is because they often don’t know how to complain, or can’t be bothered, or don’t believe it’ll make any difference. This doesn’t mean they remain silent, while they might not reach out to you they surely will tell plenty of others. So always treat complaints as gifts because this is the only time you’ll actually know where you’re lacking.

2. Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy should be a never-ending process, and shouldn’t cease the moment a purchase is made. This is of utmost importance so that they will tell their contacts how well they were treated when doing business with you. Moving your service better by delivering higher than expected levels of service to each and every customer.

3. Service Integrity

There must always be total consistency between what you profess and what you deliver. The design, quality, reliability of your service must be of the standard your customers wants, needs and expects.

4. Frequent Communication

Imagine spending a fortune on customer acquisition and them ending up being a one-time affair. To avoid this by building relationships and keeping in touch using a calendar of communications. Send them letters, events, phone calls, thank you’s materials, special offers, and follow-ups. Your customers will not only respond to this positively, but they will also appreciate it because they would feel valued and important.

5. Intra-organisational Harmony

Interpersonal skills of your team and changes the spirit of your organization. An organization without a cordial spirit is bound to be at constant conflict. This conflict would transfer to client communications too and would severely affect client relationships. Make your employees feel worthwhile and important, which in turn makes for pleasant social contacts at work. This will motivate your employees to provide better service and will encourage them to be consistent in all of their dealings to customers in a warm and manner.

CRM Software

CRM software provides both the business and their customers, an enhanced experience to build better relationships, that in turn, helps to conduct business hassle-free and generate more revenue. By implementing an effective CRM system you create a rapport with the existing customers and ensure that you won’t have to work on getting them again like new traffic, thus saving time and money on marketing. By maintaining a great customer relation, the customers feel obliged and happy to advocate your brand to their friends and family, thus your business rises to success and permanence. If you are looking for CRM software for your tour agencies, then you can get it here.

We hope these tips will help you to retain existing customers of your tour agency.

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