Tour operators are going to lose their business to OTA’s after covid-19

The speculation of market in tourism predicts that after covid-19 tour operators are going to lose their business to OTA and there are quite a few reasons to bake this claim. If you don’t want to lose your customers to OTA’s then it’s high time you get on track and prepare your business for recovery with CRM or ERP for tour operators.

Let’s consider a few factors that will be the leading cause in tour operators losing their business to online travel agencies-

  • Not utilising the lockdown period-Tour companies that have not been operational during lockdown, will find it excessively hard to recover afterwards as they have let the most crucial time for their business strengthening go to waste.
  • Lack of preparedness– it is one of the most vital reasons that will contribute immensely against the tour operators as they will be losing their business to OTA’s.
  • Lack of efforts on marketing in lockdown– if your tour business has literally stopped launching social media campaigns or various advertisement campaigns then be ready to hit your new low.
  • No connectivity means harder retention– if you have not stayed connected with your customer base then retention will be harder and you will be losing a lot of your customers.

We at webcrs travel are there to help tour operators to make the most out of their time, as we are ready to lend our expertise in making sure that you give tough competition to OTA’s with our extremely efficient and helpful crm and erp tour operator software.

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