Why Your Company Should Invest in Travel Technology!

Why Your Company Should Invest in Travel Technology!

I’m going to start this blog post on why your company should invest in travel technology with the presumption that you have a website running at least…if not stop reading this and create a website ASAP!

As the title might suggest everyone, irrespective of whether you’re a large travel company or an SME, you should have some sort of technology already implemented in your organization… If not, you might have missed on potential clients that you may have not even noticed!

How. Do you wonder? Well based on clients browsing history, interests & previous bookings, travel agencies who already have leveraged on technology are offering more and more personalized travel options. From itineraries, add-ons to even the website navigation and are bringing in more business.

James has browsed your website multiple times for Europe packages, your website shows him Malaysian packages on the home page while another shows him European packages, you will definitely miss the opportunity to close a deal with James. Plus if James visits your website through his mobile device and your site isn’t responsive, imagine the nightmare that he would be staring at.

So bombarding a potential client with a plethora of options on the home page itself might be tempting, because if one doesn’t click the other would, right?

That’s a big no-no. Would you like if you went to purchase a shirt and are shown everything from suits to gowns to socks to look at? No, obviously. The same applies to your website visitors.

But now you might be wondering how can you curate experiences for people who you barely know anything about by just website visits?

The ubiquity of the latest travel technology allows user self-sufficiency while simultaneously, through personalized options influence them subliminally.
Real-time customer relations through multiple channels including social media and AI-assisted chatbots are changing the way companies interact with customers. Companies are leveraging these technologies to understand their customers better and provide them with curated experiences.

Traditional travel companies too are heavily investing in technology to the maximum of their capacity to give all the amenities that the large OTAs provide.

In this age of 8-second-attention-span, it’s important to capture a customer’s attention and guide them to confirm a booking with minimal effort involved. To do this you have to learn their preferences and liking and work around it.

Plus ever since that fateful day when Amazon starting suggesting “You-may-also-like” in 2006, we have become accustomed to seeing similar options to our choice, be it apparels worth a few dollars or yachts worth millions. So its a no brainer that you need to provide them with a few options that are close to their choice to better the chances of closing a deal.

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