Why should tour companies consider a travel CRM during covid-19?

With the current situation of pandemic that we all are facing, the tourism industry is amongst some of the worst hit industries of the economy. As we are well aware about all the international and national borders being closed for more than 45 days world wide and we have no clue when the restrictions are going to be lifted if at all in near future. Right now, is the time that if tour companies want to stay operational, they need to consider CRM as it is the most viable option available out there that can help them stay operational with efficiency.

What will be the benefit?

First foremost if you are thinking that right now is not the time to invest in a CRM tour operator software then, we do understand your concern and speculative precautionary thinking, but trust us when we tell that, if you are not able to utilise this lockdown period then it will extremely difficult for your tour company to recover once the lockdown is lifted as the competition in domestic market will be sky high.

Let’s consider a few perks of having a CRM for tour operators in times of lockdown-

Project management

Right now, the tour companies that do not have CRM for tour operators are finding it hard to stay operational and forget about working on business development and strategic planning. With CRM your tour company will have a virtual space to cooperate and work together building different campaigns and keeping your online presence.

Work from home

one thing that every industry requires right now is having the mobility to work from our home due to lockdown. Having a CRM for tour operators is going to highly benefit in utilising all of your employees work hours as they can work on different projects from the comfort of their homes.

Keeping your company visible in online market

If you want that customers to not lose touch with your company then launching social media campaigns across various platforms, email campaigns can really be beneficial as they will be constantly made aware that once things will be restored back to normal you will be there providing them the most quintessential services.

Customer reach

CRM software is designed to ensure the maximum level productivity that will make your team very well equipped with customer connectivity and customer retention will be a cake walk after the lockdown is lifted and the domestic market is opened.

Use your data

Right now, when there is not much going on in the market all you can do is prepare your tour company for the upcoming situation, so that it can serve the most remarkable services to your clients creating a loyal customer base for you. With CRM a lot of data regarding leads is collected for different and from different services now is probably a great time to utilise that info and put forward strategies for the future.

With all rationality, we are here to advise that you should stop considering and make the transition as it is going to hugely benefit your tour company.

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