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Tour operators should automate their Back office during lockdown

Even during the lockdown there is a lot that still needs to be managed and working from home, we know you are on your toes all the time that’s why we have got the most apt solution for your back office- automation, get tour operating system and automate most of your Back office processes.

Let’s see some of the process that you can automate-

  • once you have a good tour operator software in place not just integration of your website but also management, fom tracking to data collection all can be automated.
  • staying connected with your customer reach is utmost important and you can automate quite a lot of processes from sending system generated emails to social media post engagement.
  • there are a lot of things that need to be kept track of be it your brands online presence or customer or supplier reach, reports of all of it can be automated.
  • sending answers to queries to adding reminders, so you do not midis  on any of the important projects all can be automated with tour planning software.

We at webcrs travel are provide the finest tour operating software that is designed to deals with some of the most complicated process and our team of experts are more than happy to assist you.

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