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Restart. Digital Incubation of MSME’s to Recover Faster

WebCRSTravel Recovery Scheme helps Micro & Small Travel companies (who sell Travel experiences based on relationships) to perform better rather than just Discounted sales. MSMEs will be able to deliver faster and customised Experience and convenience than portals. Lower all the operational cost of running the business through optimisation.

Use man-hours of skilled resources sitting at homes to upskill them and then deliver all services (including highly specialised Work from Home/Anywhere Tools for tourism) needed for running a travel company cheaper (legal, financial, technology, skill development, training, funding and even valuation).

Our Recovery Scheme has a clear transparent cost effective model & step by step SOPs and all associated technology to achieve the same using the man hours sitting at home.

Tourism students are provided training to support Traditional operators to digitally transform the businesses.

Using the stable & profitable travel companies as a distribution network for hotels, resorts, transport providers, experience providers to reach markets locally and sell through relationships than discounting.

Facilitate Destination content to these enterprises freely such that these enterprises can leverage to inspire people to travel easier with better convenience.

Using our Scheme Travel entrepreneurs will be confident in taking the business forward and tap the oncoming Domestic market boom.

Reverting to travellers queries instantly.

A better way to revert to the customer.

Easier options available to build customer base.

Better contracts from suppliers.

Capability to reduce operational cost.

Technology to monitor Business.

Potential to increase conversion rates.

Offer more Customized packages.

Better connection to retain the customers.

Presentations can be made to inspire Tourists to travel more.

Offering multiple options of travel destinations.

Offering exciting presentations of itineraries, hotels, and Experiences.

Offer localized best rates lower than online portals.

WebCRSTravel offers

Expert Training & SOPs for Travel Companies to use Covid period to prepare for Recovery.

Easy Work from home tools to staff on Web & mobile tools to respond to guest queries.

Destination and Hotels information Preloaded on the tech stack.

Fully integrated communication channel and ensure the team doesn't miss out on follow up with prospective guests.

The system is embedded with SOPs, KPI and KRA tools by designed experts in tourism/sales/marketing/finance/business management/ legal department to ensure the optimum performance of the organisation of the resources deployed. Our team of tech experts, supported by data scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning experts is focussed on ensuring high-end technology available to professionals in the tourism industry through smartphones to ensure they can deliver seamless experience and support for tourists. The operational area of the system covers supplier handling, contracts CRM, enquiry handling, operations, executions, accounts and feedback etc all in one single application. 

Thus WebCRS Travel delivers all professional services & technology a Travel Entrepreneur needs to run his business efficiently at a fraction of cost than running his business manually. 

Grow Tour Business with WebCRSTravel

Destination Management

WebCRS handles everything smoothly for Destination Management Companies right from managing clients to supplier chain along

Inbound Tour Operator

Creating packages for inbound tours to ensure smooth allocation and management of different services in packages all

Outbound Tour Operators

Handling international travel needs a lot of different services from visa to currency exchange along with ensuring the basics from hotels to

crm software for travel agents

Group Operators

With WebCRSTravel you can manage group booking effectively be it a group of four to five people to even larger groups. You will be able to save

crm software for travel agents

Domestic Tour Operators

Assembling different packages, managing reservations to actually executing the whole tour there is a lot that domestic tour operators have to do

crm software for travel agents

MICE Operators

Create meetings, incentives, conferences, and event packages for all the different B2B and B2C have well-integrated modules with an automated

What You Achieve Through WebCRS Travel?

Full Digital Transformation 0
Increase Customer Satisfaction 0
Better Product Range 0
Scalability 0

Full Automation of Travel and Tour Agency



Whether it is to add accommodation, packages, entrance tickets, excursions, and other activities transfers, rent-a-car, vessels, cruises...

Salesand marketing

Sales and Marketing

Creating marketing strategies understanding the pattern of your sale and what going on in the market will be easier to comprehend with...



Manage operation efficiently via automating the follow-ups, queries, notification and request to clients, along with your supplier’s ...



Docket accounts to its core are taken care of by WebCRSTravel with direct export to Tally software for easiness to...

crm software for travel agents

Group Bookings

Book, Manage and Track for groups of all sizes be it Meetings, incentives, conferences, or Events with WebCRSTravel...

crm software for travel agents

Business Intelligence - MIS Reports

Allows to gain a better understanding of the customers, suppliers, revenue, profits and margins. Provide more effective decisions...

Industry Depth Knowledge

With our 20+ years of combined experienced professionals with deep travel and hospitality domain knowledge, we offer clients the right solutions to meet their needs. Our expertise and experience help us offer industry best practices, insights and deep expertise to achieve technology objectives of a Tour Business

CRM for Tour Operators
Data Security

Protecting your enterprise data is not just adding a few more controls or point solutions.Authentication and identity, access control, encryption, secure deletion are all data protection methods used by WebCRSTravel for Data Security

CRM for Tour Operators
Pro Support

Flexible Pricing Models. Pricing is tailored to the needs of every travel company. Pricing options can be provided ala carte allowing you to select the features required and the number of users on the software based on your business needs.

CRM for Tour Operators
User Friendly

Simple User interface is the success of any Tour Software. WebCRSTravel User interfaces has been broken down into a very simple interface : dashboard, sales pipeline, Automatic reminders and much more.From Startup to Enterprise — with an easy interface Sales, Marketing,Accounts & Operations will love.

CRM for Tour Operators
CRM for Tour Operators
Scalability And Delivery

Our Tour Operator Software WebCRSTravel is fully scalable to accommodate any markets and economic conditions that leverages modern interfaces and hybrid-cloud infrastructure to ensure that regardless of volume to be highly available and disaster recoverable.

CRM for Tour Operators
Dedication To Quality

Our Team is committed to achieve customer satisfaction by providing consistent service quality to our customers. Our Team suggests our customers with the best possible features, whilst adapting to their changing requirements in travel technology

CRM for Tour Operators

We believe that it is important to expect challenging situations for each client, in order to achieve the full potential of Our Tour Software, by giving them the support they require at every stage of their implementation.We believe that close communication with our clients is the main key to success and that is why we assign a dedicated point of contact during the implementation process

CRM for Tour Operators
Business Intelligence

WebCRSTravel helps to combine actionable information to help management improve profits and performance with the help of specially designed analytic tools.Tour Software should have the capability to track new growth areas , forecast future business and compare with current scenarios

crm software for travel agents

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WebCRS Travel is more than a TraveICRM- it's an ERP that I've ever seen' It is designed to help you spend less time on your day-to-day activities and more on Analysis and develop Strategy for the growth of the Business, which is surely, every tour business owner's dream. The Training and Support from WebCRS has helped us to get Onboard with an in-depth understanding of WebCRS Travel, including Contact Mgmt, Guest Quotations, tracking Leads, managing Follow-ups etc. along with Improvements that are being deployed frequently. We are sure of utilising WebCRS Travel to it's full capacity when the travel season opens up post Lockdown, that would improve our Business process and Future programs.

Mr.Lalit Garg Founder Tripwizard Travel Solution Pvt.Ltd

"During the Iockdown period webcrstravel software has helped immensely in making the most out of our time, managing everything efficiently and has provided us with the much-needed assistance that has helped us manage our operation in such difficult situation. Our staff could cooperate and effectively manage everything with its assistance."

Mr.Manoj Operations Head,Namaste India, DelhiOperations Head, Namaste India, Delhi

In the three years that we have successfully used Webcrs we have been able to create complex itineraries and programmes and service our clients with quick quotations and optimise the post booking process with vouchers and other details pertaining to a successful travel programme for our guests from the German market. I actually made a study about the various products on offer in the market and found Webcrs as the most suitable and scalable model for our line of business.

crm software for travel agents

Karthik Davey Managing Director idee Globus Reisen GmbH, Germany

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WebCRSTravel helps Travel and Tour Companies to transform their business with technology to bring change and prosperity.We as a Travel Technology company can make an impact on Travel companies, its people, process and business. Digital Transformation is not easy for a Tour Business which has been working on papers for quite some time. At WebCRSTravel, we help companies to understand the benefits of tour software in long-term business which intrigues them to embark on the journey.

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