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Customers usually send requests to several travel agencies, and they hate to wait. Sales automation features of WebCRS Travel will help to respond to clients’ inquiries faster.

Immediacy and urgency in sales are critical to a tourism business’ survival. An ERP system for travel agencies can automate and speed up many actions. These include reservation management, creation of tours and complex travel packages or groups, booking of travel products from third party suppliers and global distribution systems, and communication with suppliers. An ideal travel management system should cover the entire sales process, ensure a wide choice of inventory options, and provide the smoothest booking experience for employees.

ERP software solution helps also in greatly streamlining processes and reducing running costs related to the business by reducing precious time being spent on menial jobs, like backing up data etc. Automation is where every travel agency can find solace from forever increasing operational cost. With the help of automation, travel agencies can redirect their resources towards more profitable activities. New or updated data can be entered into one central ERP system. Through this, a lot of manual and repetitive tasks that are associated with the data can be easily automated, which in turn saves up a lot of time. When the time saved on each task individually is added up, a large overall amount of time can be saved for each employee.

ERP softwares are solutions that will not only reduce operational cost but will also increase customer satisfaction and take away some stress of redundant employees. A 360° ERP can reduce operational costs while increasing productivity and allowing for strategic allocation/reallocation of resources. Implementing an ERP solution provides additional benefits such as the elimination of redundant tasks, accelerating processes, and utilizing resources in a much better way. With reduced cost in production, travel agencies now can refocus budgeted resources on other operations. Business success relies on operational success, thus an ERP helps Travel agents take a proven approach to reduce operations costs.

One of the major roadblocks when implementing automation is the misconception that automation is an alternative to real employees. While it is true that automating business processes does require less human involvement, it can never replace the need for real people.  Another misconception is that softwares is costly and requires a full time IT team and constant support. A SaaS-based ERP software depends on remote support, and the software provider itself can handle the majority of issues remotely. SaaS-based ERP softwares can be managed, maintained and upgraded from time to time on the cloud automatically. Plus SaaS-based ERP software offers the advantage of being scalable along with the requirements of your business. According to the needs and demands of the growth of your business, you can enjoy quick and precise scalability with the cloud ERP solution.

Eliminate time-consuming tasks like data entry and matching invoices to purchase orders, and generate complex itineraries instantly to reduce customer attrition. Create an organized workflow for your business and also incorporates other important functions such as employee performance monitoring and interlinked accountancy tools.

The benefits of an ERP are not limited to reducing operational cost but also increase the overall productivity of a  travel company by tracking leads generated from various campaigns run by the agency and converting those leads into prospects by making calls, sending offer mailers and scheduling meetings etc.  Erp also makes dealing with the customer much less complicated task through an integrated CRM. Clients might want to make last minute changes to a planned tour, with an ERP each tour devised can be easily saved, altered and used as per the requirements. Marketing campaigns a travel agency can be tracked, regulated and studied for their ROI.

WebCRS Travel connects your travel business and digital space to help you close the gap between your digital transformation strategy and execution to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and achieve your goals.

CRS Technologies is India’s leading provider of intelligent business solutions to DMCs, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies of all sizes to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and achieve their purpose.

Changing travel demands, financial pressure, technological advancements are changing the travel industry rapidly. CRS Technologies empowers Travel Service Providers to stay ahead of the game and provide exceptional experiences by becoming intelligent enterprises.

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