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The Complete Tour Operator Software for your tour agency

Reduce operational cost and increase the profit of your tour company with WebCRS Travel.

A vital characteristic of an intelligent company is that it will always try to remain one step ahead of its competitors and potential obstacles. It is high time that Travel agencies, Tour operators and DMCs re-imagine themselves in digital transformation, and an ERP system will help them to do so.

WebCRS Travel connects your travel business and digital space to help you to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and achieve your goals. With the help of WebCRS Travel, you can both manage and optimize your client and partner relations, reservation tracking, revenue streams, financial, monitoring, and staff collaboration without missing a thing about your day-to-day business workflows. 

One of the biggest benefits offered by WebCRS Travel is that it’s much less expensive than traditional onsite ERP systems. When you deploy traditional on-premise ERP, you will have to pay for the software once by way of a license fee, and then you’ll have to pay for other costly expenses such as IT infrastructure, its maintenance, database creation and management, initial implementation, energy costs, security, and backup. With WebCRS Travel, you pay less upfront and your overall ongoing operating costs are much lower because we take care of updates, maintenance, and security for you.

WebCRS Travel can also get up and running in a fraction of the time taken by on-premises ERP systems. With on-premises ERP, you have to worry about things like selecting and purchasing hardware, training your staff, implementing new data security protocols, and ensuring that everyone on your team has reliable access to the tools they need to help you grow your travel agency. With WebCRS Travel, deployment and implementation are fast and painless. 

Today, clients expect travel companies to be able available for services and support anytime, whenever needed. Saas Cloud ERP system, like WebCRS Travel, allows travel agents to access the ERP from any mobile device (as long as they have internet access). WebCRS Travel allows for the ability to switch between multiple platforms without hindering the functionality nor the user environment, thus helping field agents to upload any work while on the move. In other words, it will help you build a more agile team.

WebCRS Travel eliminates the need for maintaining multiple software systems and enables all the departments in your travel company to perform various functions like: 

Tracking leads generated from various campaigns run by the company through various channels like emails, social media, PPC, etc can be easily done if you have a travel ERP software in place. It also enables travel companies to take further actions required to convert those leads into opportunities like making calls, sending special offer emails, etc.

WebCRS Travel helps to concentrate on services, business processes and staff on the acquisition and retention of your customers by responding to their individual needs in a personalized and timely manner. WebCRS Travel allows travel agencies, tour operators and DMCs to create a rapport with their existing customers and ensure that they won’t have to work on getting them again like new traffic, thus saving time and money on marketing.

Devising each tour in the travel company to be easily saved, altered and used in the future as per the requirements. But most of these products, their multiple supplier details, rates, etc are stored in excel sheets, which can be excruciatingly time-consuming to retrieve. With WebCRS Travel these products can be easily standardized and used across various different outlets of the company without any discrepancies instantaneously. 

Well-laid travel itineraries are an integral component of any successful trip, but to build a complex yet seamless itinerary, requires more than just experience or skills; it requires an essential tool that can accommodate both the complexities of the trip as well as the requirements of the clients. WebCRS Travel comes with an itinerary builder that will allow travel companies to create custom tour itineraries with all the trip details in minutes. It also allows you to send attractive itineraries instantly to clients via email, SMS, and WhatsApp in PDF or Word file.

WebCRS Travel will help in ensuring trip closure and payments, easy multiple leg bookings and payments, easily schedule all the invoices and send them on time, accept online payment through multiple gateways and currencies invoicing clients with an itemized list of services, to avoid manual processes leading to errors and delays and ensuring timely payments into the business, get notified about your invoices statuses, etc.

In the extremely competitive world of travel companies, it is extremely important that travel companies do marketing of their brand, offerings, and special services to customers at the right time through the right channels. The database of the customers, clients, agents, etc stored in WebCRS Travel will help travel companies to find out their target audience and various other aspects to get the best results out of the marketing campaigns.

It is clearly evident how an ERP software can ease out the working and coordination of a travel company.

As your travel agency grows, so too will your list of clients. WebCRS Travel is capable of handling this increase in client information, ensuring you have the necessary space to add additional data entries and ensure that your systems continue to run smoothly as your travel agency scales up in operations.

As the amount of data stored in your systems continues to grow, so too does the need for access control measures or you might have a high influx of clients during seasonal months or holidays, you’ll be able to scale up effortlessly. Also, with WebCRS Travel, travel companies with multiple users can set up their own authorizations, permissions, and access control to various features within the ERP, protecting their work and preventing others from making any changes as well. 

CRS Technologies is India’s leading provider of intelligent business solutions to DMCs, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies of all sizes to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and achieve their purpose.

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