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Why tour operator will lose their business to OTA after covid-19

More than 3 million people have tested positive while more than a million have died, the whole world is under lockdown due to the pandemic that we are facing. As we all know that tourism is amongst one of the worst hit industries due to covid-19 as no revenue is being generated for more than 45 days worldwide. The speculation says even after the lockdown is lifted it will take approximately 10 to 12 month for our economy to get anywhere close to normal, depending on the preparedness and how efficiently the lockdown period have been utilised one pattern we can predict is that a lot of tour operators are going to lose their business to OTA after covid-19.

Reason that will contribute into the loss of business by tour operators

Let’s look into some of the factors that are going to contribute into loss of business by tour operators to OTA-

Not being able to utilise the lockdown period fully

Tour operators that do not have CRM for tour operators will not be able to stay operational and manage their business efficiently or even work on being prepared to serve their leads after covid-19 while on the other hand OTA’s have been making their best efforts to stay as efficient as possible with the availability of efficiency and management software at their disposal.

Lack of preparedness

Tour operators that are not being operational during the lockdown period with a point of view that they will only invest in operation once the lockdown is lifted would be hit hard once the restriction is over and they will be facing the toughest competition resulting in losing their business to OTA’s who have been working on their business model and have improved services and packages.

Zero online visibility

If your tour business has not been using a CRM for tour operators’ software and have not launched various campaigns to stay visible across different social platforms, along with different email campaigns to stay connected and relevant in your consumer eyes then you have already lost the ground. In today’s world where digital marketing plays the most vital role in making or breaking any companies’ reputation it is pretty evident that after covid-19 tour operators will lose tehri business to OTA as they have not put much effort into making a good online presence of their brand.

No connectivity in lockdown means lower customer retention afterwards

Right now if your company is not making efforts in staying connected with your customer from different means be it a social media post or email or even message campaigns then it will be hard for tour operators to retain their old customers as OTA’s are quick to respond and always Infront of their eyes.

There is a hefty amount of reasons to bake the claim that tour operators are inevitably going to lose a lot of their businesses to OTA’s after covid-19 and that is mainly due to lack of efforts in being prepared that tour operators are making right now.

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