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Travel ERP software: An essential in 2020 travel landscape.

In a landscape focused on continuous innovation and increasing client demands, it can be hard for travel agencies to turn their vision into reality. It is high time travel companies re-imagine themselves in the digital landscape, and an ERP system will help them to do so. A vital characteristic of an intelligent travel agency is that it will always try to remain one step, and often that one critical step that matters the most, ahead of its competitors and potential obstacles. WebCRS Travel is a SaaS solution for DMCs, Tour operators and Travel Agencies with essential tools for tour operators, travel agencies and travel service providers including pre-loaded travel content, a built-in CRM, SMS and email capabilities, B2C and B2B portals, itinerary management controls, employee and user access management, invoicing and receipts and markups and rates controls. 

With WebCRS travel the entire process of dealing with the customer becomes a much less complicated task. Using ERP to interact and deal with customers make it easier for the Trip Advisor, as the system will take care of the pending payments, documents to be submitted, relevant updates and reminders. Designing and recording of travel products
Each tour devised in the travel agency can be easily saved, altered and used in future as per the requirements. These products can be easily standardized and used across various different outlets of the agency without any discrepancies. 

Most travel agencies build an advanced itinerary or a master itinerary, depending on their work pattern. Thus, when a trip needs to be specially customized or altered, this itinerary can be easily referred and essential data extracted with ERP software.
Invoicing in a travel agency is rather critical because in most cases there are multiple travellers being paid for by one member. Thus, payment division for each of the travellers and storing details in the database for all and not just the one who is paying becomes easy with ERP.

For a travel agency, fleet management is one of the most crucial tasks as this is what ensures a smooth journey for its customers. They need to make sure that their vehicles are scheduled correctly for arrival and departure and the relevant staff informed. No business leaves out promotional activities, especially if it is a B2C model. Thus, in this case, also, all the promotional activities can be tracked, regulated and studied for their ROI.

Again, for a travel agency, maintaining customer records, following up with them for reviews and informing them about future promotional offers depending on their choice and desire is a must. All of this can be easily taken care of with an ERP software. In the extremely competitive market of travel trade, it is extremely important that they do marketing of their brand, offerings and special services. In which the database collection of their customers, clients, agents, etc will be hefty which will help them find out their target audience and various aspects to get better results out of the marketing campaigns be it Digital or Traditional.

CRS Technologies is India’s leading provider of intelligent business solutions to DMCs, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies of all sizes to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and achieve their purpose.

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