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3 ways through which you can attract more travelers to your tour business

Customers usually send requests to several travel agencies, and they hate to wait. Sales automation features of WebCRS Travel will help to respond to clients’ inquiries faster.

Immediacy and urgency in sales are critical to a tourism business’ survival. An ERP system for travel agencies can automate and speed up many actions. These include reservation management, creation of tours and complex travel packages or groups, booking of travel products from third party suppliers and global distribution systems, and communication with suppliers. An ideal travel management system should cover the entire sales process, ensure a wide choice of inventory options, and provide the smoothest booking experience for employees.

Imagine a case where a travel agency has received an inquiry consisting of three items: accommodation, transfer, and a one-day tour. If they have all the information about the inquiry and customer in one system, then the travel agent can start to generate the quote immediately. 

WebCRS Travel quickly searches for the necessary travel products in the company’s inventory or with international suppliers. The agents also need the ability to compare prices. Advanced supplier modules allow accessing various products from all service providers available at the moment on the product search interface instead of logging into each one’s system. Access to the latest special deals and packages instantly makes the offer more competitive. Moreover, the system can automatically email inquiries to suppliers so they can quickly confirm availability. Upon their confirmation, it would automatically send quotes and itineraries to the customers and confirmations to suppliers.

WebCRS Travel calculates all prices, discounts, and special offers automatically. Travel agents and tour operators can create a package, tour or group itinerary by combining components previously created in the travel system and automatically extracting photos and descriptions. Instead of creating a reservation from scratch, they can use templates for similar reservations. The system will then calculate the net prices based on component costs, add a margin, and produce the selling price. 

If dates and services in the itinerary are changing, the time to create an offer and itinerary increases. However, with WebCRS Travel, this task requires little effort from the agent. After they’ve inserted a service description once, the system will use that content to create the entire document automatically.

Invoicing is another area where manual workflows cause delays and inefficiencies. WebCRS Travel enables invoice generation and processing virtually without any human intervention. Once the customer confirms your booking, WebCRS Travel will automatically create and send the invoice and voucher to them.

WebCRS Travel also reduces the need for buying and maintaining multiple software systems, enables all the departments in your travel agency to perform various functions simultaneously. 

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